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Taking into account the constant development of technologies for the production of truck transport, it is easy to get confused in the list of proposed cars, but we can distinguish one of the types of cargo transportation vehicles, which is considered rather in demand. It’s about trucks with tents.
The awning, that is, the canopy of the body that protects the cargo being transported from external influences, gave the name of this type of motor transport for freight.
By the time we got used to call an awning that does not let the sun’s rays and moisture, for trucks it performs the same functions, only the size of the tents installed on the bodies, trailers (semitrailers) is quite large.
Excellent material for awning is polyvinyl chloride, it cannot be better tolerated by weather changes.
 Now let’s talk about the dignity of the awnings.
 At any time, people wanted to get good quality products for low cost. The first advantage of awning truck is the value that attracts buyers with cheapness. Below the price of it, the cost of semitrailers trucks is explained by the ease of the materials. The canopy weighs much less than different metals, wood and plastics. This makes it more affordable for cargo protection, but no less qualitative.
In organizations that produce awning you can always choose the material that meets the requirements.
 Another advantage we draw attention to is the ease of operation of semi-trailers. They are easy to clean, and tents are mounted on special hooks or ropes.
All the same light weight allows loaders easier to carry out loading and unloading of the transported property. Corrosion is completely impossible when using bodies with awning, and this is another big plus.
From the drawbacks of the awnings, it is necessary to take into account the impossibility of transportation of cargoes requiring maintenance of temperature regimes, although protection from weather and dust is provided by the tiers on the highest level.
 Consequently, we draw the conclusion that such kind of freight transport as a semi-trailer truck combines low cost in the line of cars transportation, but it is always qualitative and safe.

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