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Do you want to know more about the difference of trucks? Feel confused about it? We will help you!
Trucks – heavy goods vehicles . If you are looking for a career in freight transport, these are the types of trucks that you can ride.
Sea transportation: There are many countries on boats, so you can move them a lot. Although most of the boats are small enough to be delivered to a trailer with a car or an off-road vehicle, large boats need both a small truck and a specialized low-loader trailer (sometimes called a factory trailer) extracted from the first movable property. This image is kindly provided by different companies, which specializes in the movement of extremely difficult loads.
Carriers: You need some kind of approval to be a driver of vehicles. As the trailer stretches over the cabin, it creates a wide arc when turning, and drivers should know about it. The driver may be responsible for loading and unloading vehicles.
Refrigerated trucks and refrigerators (refrigerated containers): they store the goods at a certain temperature, that is cool or freeze. The refrigerator is a container with a standard size with a refrigerating unit.
Cranes: To a certain size, they can be driven on the road if they are built in this way. The operator of the crane must know how to safely park the car and expand the crane boom.
Dry goods: The vast majority of goods and cargoes are dry goods. They are usually transported in containers, on high-speed trailers, in carton cargoes or in lorries with a carcass. The truck will be filled with cargo pallets that can be unloaded by truck from the side of the truck.
Emergency response: firefighting vehicles require a license for heavy vehicles, except on private land (for example, an airport runway).
Flatbed Trailer: Flatbed trailers are universal and are used for transportation of all kinds of steel beams and concrete pipes to whole houses.
Furniture wagons: furniture trucks may be a van or may be a separate engine and trailer. Truck drivers usually help with getting up, so it’s a lot more physical work than regular trucking.
Lorries serving the highway: Maintenance trucks have special features that allow a person to stand on the back and place cones on the road, and also have a retractable bar plus strobe lights on the back and orange flashing lights on the cabin.
Evacuators: They have a winch and ramps that allow the driver to pull an incompetent vehicle onto a ramp and take it away, or larger tow trucks with heavy hooks can be used to tow buses and other trucks.

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